3 Great Friends

There are some of you who are well aware of our humble beginnings in the blog "Under the Gumtrees" with several other designers. But those of you who may be just meeting us now, that's where we "met". For many months communicating only by email and phone calls, without ever meeting each other in person. There began a very special friendship.

Our first casual get together being at the Grandview Hotel in Cleveland in Brisbane in March of 2011 which was really where it all began. We met up with about 20 ladies who had been reading the blog, and even though we had flooding rain and were washed away from our original meeting point in a park on the bay we all had a fabulous time.  Everybody was keen to do it again, and we thought that was a fabulous idea too - and so began our "Let's Get Stitched" retreats. Our numbers have grown over the years, and we've met some amazing ladies from all over Australia and New Zealand. Our first was is Tasmania in 2012 - in Fee's hometown of Hobart, then in South Australia in 2013, Dawn's hometown of Adelaide, Victoria in 2014, Queensland in 2015 - Joy's hometown of Brisbane where it all began then back to Fee's hometown of Hobart in Tasmania in 2016 and Adelaide in 2017 - again to Dawn's hometown of Adelaide - and where we decided to launch our fabulous new
 "LET'S GET STITCHED and more" The Magazine

We hope you'll enjoy this new venture of ours, we're certainly having a blast putting it together for you.